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Hi everyone:

Been a long time since I was last here...or on any forum, for that matter. Based on help, support, and information I got from the great folks on this forum, I started a bush-flying virtual airline (LewisAire) in 1995 I think it was...which is still chugging happily along, I'm glad to say.

Anyway, I'm here again with a couple of issues that I was hoping maybe some of you tech-heads might be able to shed some light on. I'll provide a little background first: Thanks to the initial help I got from Tom (and later on from Jim Bertelson), I've built all custom gauges in XML for all 22 of our aircraft. So I've become reasonably adept with XML, but I'm not a wizard at it. I guess I need an XML wizard. :?


1. I'm trying to design a windshield wiper gauge in XML. I'm fine with the "rotate" language and the BMP images, but I need a little boost with some XML code that would make it continue to cycle once activated. I snitched some test-code from a Carbeurator Heat gauge that's a toggle: Click it once and the knob comes out (down); click it again and the knob goes back in (up)...pretty straightforward. As you see in the snippet below, it uses the system input variable (A:Eng Anti Ice:1,percent), which of course only trips on the toggle. What I need is the ability to set my own variable and have it start cycling when activated, and continue to cycle until activated again...imagine that Carb Heat knob going in and out until you click it again to stop. Any of you guys have an idea how I might do this?

(A:Eng Anti Ice:1,percent)

2. In the airline scenery we have a big lumbering operation in northern BC; sawmills, logs, cabins, various equipment, and so on. In FSDS I built us an 18-wheel log truck, and I found a great sound file on YouTube for a Jacobs Engine Brake, or "Jake Brake" as they're called (anyone know what that is?). Since a log truck doesn't have autopilot, I can fire the sound file with AP Disengage. BUT...I wanna fire it only under two conditions: When the switch is ON and when throttle is being reduced. Any hints or ideas on how set the code for this?

2. Any of you guys know how to trigger a sound file in XML? Right now, I'm limited to using systm defaults (Gear, Flaps, AP Disengage, etc) that aren't used in the plane. I know there's a way to do it, but I don't know the code.

Anyway, that's it. Hope to hear from some of you guys, only if just to say hello. I see a lot of new names and don't know how many of the old-timers are still in here. By the way: Is Tom still around? I sent him a couple of emails but never got a response.

Take care,

Garry white

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Hope to hear from some of you guys ...

Not sure how many folks who know XML well get here. It isn't often discussed here, so you may want to check in the panel and gauge building forums in Avsim or Mycockpit. And to get likely candidates to read your message, especially here, you should perhaps re-post with a more appropriate title, such as "Help with XML gauges needed" or some such.

Good luck!


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Thanks much, Pete...I'll try those other places. And I'll make sure the topic is a little more definitive. I didn't mention you in that last post, but you're contributions to the Flight Sim world are legendary, and I've used your stuff more times than I could ever begin to tell you.



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Thanks again for the pointer: I think I'm going to be able to get a little XML help from some of the gang on AVSIM.

But I'll be around here anyway from time to time, though: I've learned an awful lot about Flight Sim in the past 5 years or so, and it all started right here on this forum...hopefully I've learned enough that I can be helpful with certain issues and problems.

Take care,


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