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Failure of Registration Code

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Hello Pete Dowson,

Recently upgraded to a new PC running Windows 7 x64. Loaded FSX and FSUIPC4, entered carefully recorded reg key and...bingo...all OK.

Still running FS9 due to magic FS Nav program so loaded FS 9 and FSUIPC3.75, entered carefully recorded reg key for v3 (having confimed it with simmarket from my account). Window says 'Thank you, now you need to restart FS 9 before reg is shown'. I restart FS 9 but again FSUIPC3 is shown as not registered! Tried a copy and paste but to no avail. I cannot get it to accept the registration even though it states that it has accepted it but really hasn't! Any ideas how to reg my FSUIPC3? I bought this on 25/11/2003, it has given me great service so far and I would like to continue using it on my new PC.

Regards, Ken French.

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Still running FS9 due to magic FS Nav program so loaded FS 9 and FSUIPC3.75

Version 3.75 is very old and has not been supported now for over two YEARS! As clearly Announced in the Announcements in this Forum, the only supported release is the current one, which, for FS9, is 3.96. Please update. The certificate bound into FSUIPC 3.75 expired early last year in any case. Your registration is for FSUIPC 3, not "3.75" and you should keep up to date if you want continued use and support.



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Dear Mr Dowson,

Thank you for your speedy advise, I have now updated to v3.96 and the reg is now recognised. However, as an ardent Flt Sim fan of some considerable years (both in time spent flying and in age), I find it difficult to keep up with advances in all the addon progs that I use and am most grateful for your timely reminder and advice to do so.

My very best regards, Ken French.

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