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CH Yoke control conflict problem with FS9 and Windows 7

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Strange - I posted this problem earlier but don't see it on the Forum. Maybe it didn't upload. Anyhow, here it is again:

I recently iinstalled FS9 on a new computer running Windows 7 and encountered the conflict problem below.

I use a CH yoke and pedals and use FSUIPC for most of my control allocations except hat switch and throttle quadrant.

1. When I activate one of the toggle switches (the left hand one on the right hand side- not sure as I type this what its allocation is), it always toggles the Landing Gear, no matter how I allocate it in FS or FSUIPC.

2. I checked FSUIPC for any duplicate allocations, aircraft specific or general, and found none.

3. When I deactivate the yoke, the problem disappears.

4. I searched for any rogue FSUIPC dll's in other locations but found none, apart from the Modules folder.

5. When I deactivated the FSUIPC dll, the problem persisted.

6. When I deactivated all the controls individuallyl in the FS setup in yoke, pedals and slew, the problem persisted. Only way to remove it is to deactivate the yoke.

7. I'm thinking of allocating all my assignments via FSUIPC, but before doing this (the main problem being the hat switch and throttle quadrant - which I will do if necessary), am wondering whether anybody has a suggestion to fix the problem. After all, I'll just be removing the symptom not the cause. I'm thinking of maybe replacing the CONTROLS.dll with the default one, and working from there - not sure how to extract it from the FS2004 disk though.



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