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Conflict of interest

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Hi all,

Never had the chance to use FSUIPC before (actually I'm not so sure what are all it is capable of) . My question - Is it correct to assume that if I will install Saitek Yoke along with throttle quadrants and Saitek X52 Pro stick they will conflict each other ?

So far I had them on my system separately and each time I wanted to change I had to reprogram again.

Will FSUIPC help in this situation ?

Thanks for any advice


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FWIW, I have a Saitek Pro Yoke and two throttle quadrants plus an X-45 stick and throttle

attached to my system all the time. No conflicts.

I use FSUIPC to assign the various axis and the switches on the dual quadrants.

I don't use the yoke but it must be attached so that the quadrant that has the

proprietary cable can be connected.

I use the X-45 stick for flying but have the throttle axis disabled since my throttles

are mapped to the Pro throttles.

I use the old Saitek X-45 software to load a 'basic' profile that maps the various switches

and buttons on the X-45 to things like gear up, flaps, etc.

I do NOT use the Saitek software for the Pro setup since it can not co-exist with the

X-45 version. ( I had the X-45 long before I bought the Pro stuff, thus all the basic stuff

was programmed to the X-45 and I saw no need to change it ).

You can use FSUIPC to create different profiles that map the various axis and switches

as you desire for various aircraft. Use the yoke on those aircraft with yokes. Use the

X-52 stick for aircraft that use a stick. Use the buttons and switches on both for

all aircraft. It's just up to you how you want to configure any given setup.

Read the FSUIPC documentation thoroughly to get a better understanding of what

can be accomplished.

As a side note, one can enable/disable various axis in the FSX controls menu but

you would have to do that each time you wanted to change, where FSUIPC lets you

do it more or less automatically. The same is true of the button and switch assignments

and programming.


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More for Gypsy Baron ,

by assigning /mapping new commands both to the yoke(and 2 throttle quadrants ) and the stick with FSUIPC , do I need to delete all the defauld commands that are mapped by the Saitek software ? Again , any conflict between Saitek to FSUIPC ?

Thanks again


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If I may chip in here. My experience has shown it best to calibrate everything with FSUIPC. That means I do not install software from the joystick , and indeed I go further and delete all FS9 assignments and select "disable joystick" in FS9 itself.

This means a bit of work setting up settings for each aircraft type, but once it is done, it works perfectly. Each different type has it's own settings for buttons specific to it's own functionality.

I use CH yoke;throttle;and rudders. I would suggest with you trying to mix more than one product and make, it will be far cleaner to use FSUIPC to assign everything. So uninstall any joystick specific software.

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