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  1. On the Airbus those knobs can be pushed or pulled. Each action has a different consequence.
  2. If you do a google search for "saitek yoke null zone" you will see many complaints about this. I have the yoke and there is more travel to the left before it sends a signal than if i turn to the right on mine. Not enough for it to be an issue though.
  3. "in other words, if the yoke is moved from from the centre one way, slowly, the "in" value doesn't change for ages" That is a problem with the yoke not sending a signal to your computer. No amount of software calibration can change that.
  4. I imagine the reason PMDG say what they do is that the real 777 has a flybywire system which is similar to the Airbus philosophy of the computer intercepting the pilots inputs, and producing an output to the control surfaces which the computer thinks is best. The PMDG 777 will try to replicate this, and needs normal FSX inputs for it to work, otherwise you will probably lose things such as bank angle/stall protection, and not get the control surfaces to move correctly. Should only apply to aileron and elevator controls. The Airsimmer A320 (FS9) has the same requirements. The PMDG MD-11 is the same for the LSAS system, although in that I find I can assign in FSUIPC as long as select "send direct to FS9".
  5. You can use the mouse-macro facility to operate the overhead with the PMDG 737 in FS9. Or you can use the PMDG menu to assign keyboard presses, and then use FSUIPC to assign a joystick button to the same keypress.
  6. To delete all your settings and start from scratch just delete the FSUIPC.ini file from the modules folder. Restart your sim and it will build a new one. Then start assigning again.
  7. As you move your axis from one extreme to the other the numbers in the FSUIPC window will move from negative tp positive numbers. When at max negative you press the set button that also displays a negative number. If you press the wrong one ( the positive) you will get an error. When you have set both extremes correctly you set the null zone by pressing the centre set button twice....once for null to the left of centre and once for the nuull to right of centre Taxi-ing will be affected by your rudder, not ailerons.
  8. You can use FSUIPC settings to make any of your throttle quad buttons replicate a key press, without the need for saitek software.
  9. The J=Saitek X52 Flight Control System is a joystick which I only use when flying the Aisimmer Airbus A320. It indeed has asignments specifically for the airbus. It was not plugged in prior to me copying the joynames section. Thanks for confirming that there is no need to delete old assignments, but I can appreciate what you mean about too many entries being confusing should I have to troubleshoot an issue later on.
  10. Hi Pete I am using FSUIPC in FS9 to assign/calibrate a yoke; throttle quad; and rudder pedals. I have just got a new yoke (Saitek) to replace my old CH yoke. I have the auto assign letters set to NO in the ini file. The joynames section looks like this: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 1=CH THROTTLE QUADRANT 1.GUID={ADB870E0-5B98-11E4-8009-444553540000} T=CH THROTTLE QUADRANT R=CH PRO PEDALS USB Y=CH FLIGHT SIM YOKE USB << MISSING JOYSTICK >> J=Saitek X52 Flight Control System S=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 2=CH PRO PEDALS USB 2.GUID={ADB870E0-5B98-11E4-8008-444553540000} 0=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 0.GUID={4D2F9FE0-8C95-11E4-8001-444553540000} I have begun new assignments for the Saitek yoke. My question is : is there any need to delete the old assignments/calibration for the CH yoke first ? I am assuming the answer is no, as the joynames section reports missing joystick (as it is not plugged in), and therefore will ignore any of the old assignments. But is there any other reason why I should delete the old CH assignments first ? Thanks.
  11. I am sure Pete has forgotten all about these "knocking" posts in the intervening 11 years !!
  12. In FS9 I use the PAN settings for the hat switch. But instead of "pan forward view" on release I use "pan reset cockpit". I think that will give you what you wish. Peter
  13. In the PMDG cockpit (2d is the one i use) there are three places you can mouse click for gear.... UP; DOWN; and OFF. Can you create a mouse macro for OFF ? If you can, then all you need to do is set up your axis lever with 3 zones: gear up; gear off; gear down. You can do mouse macros for this a/c.... at least in the 2d cockpit... I have one for gear off.
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