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  1. P = Press, U = UP (release), R= REPEAT
  2. It just occurred to me that you have an axis assigned to 0x66C1. The axis is a 32 bit number and most likely it requires both 0x66C1 and 0x66C2 to hold the actual data. You probably should be writing/reading a signed word using an EVEN offset such as 0x66C0/C1 or 0x66C2/C3 Paul
  3. Glad you have it running Alan. Just another observation. Regarding multiple macros, since the content of each is identical you really only need one with the line 1 = to thew L:Var that you listed above. It is the parameter that is defined in each 'step' that does the work. That is, the parameter is passed to L:isg_nd_range_clicked regardless of the content of 66C0 and the desired range setting.. So. all your 'CM' entries can simply be CM:5,1 No need for the additional identical MCRO's. That makes the code easier to understand. Paul
  4. Not knowing what is in each MCRO file, I would change all the conditional P2,0 and P2,1 statements to U2,0 and U2,1 so that the INC/DEC takes place on the Press and the action takes place on the Release. This should avoid any 'race condition' that might be caused by having the same button/switch performing two actions on each Press. That would also change the UP entry conditionals to 1,2,3,4 & 5 and the DOWN to 0,1,2,3,4 as you only get to 320 going up and 10 going down Additionally you might want to use the unsigned byte specifications for the INC/DEC lines, 1100 and 2100 vs 3100, 4100. Just curious, what is in each 'range' MCRO file? I should think a single MCRO file with multiple lines (entries) would work. Then instead of the multiple 1-line MCRO's. CM5:1, 10 CM6:1,20 etc you would have CM5:1, 10 CM5:2, 20 CM5:3,40 etc I use the same conditional assignment technique extensively in my INI file to have multiple assignments for each of my switches on my Saitek Pro throttle quadrants. 66C0 holds my 'mode' number. Some of my aircraft have 9 or 10 'modes so I can control 90 to 100 functions with just 10 switches plus the 2 to INC/DEC 66C0. I have one MCRO file for each of my aircraft that define all the L:Vars for the aircraft and thus the controls available for assignment. Some MCROs have over 100 entries and are 'aircraft specific. Here is my MCRO list:[MacroFiles] 1=APchart 2=747 OHD 3=A2A_J3 4=A2A_B377 5=A2A_P47 6=A2A_B17G 7=L1049H 8=A2A_Spit 9=A2A_P40 10=A2A_P51D 11=AF_F4U 12=91stBG_Guns 13=A2A_P51D_Civ 14=B25J 15=Avro_Lanc 16=A2A_C172 17=Avro_Anson 18=A2A_P180 19=A3_B29 20=A2A_C182 21=AF_P51H 22=A2A_PA-24 23=A2A_T6 24=PBY 25=A2A_L049 It seems to me that your list could be reduced to a single file with multiple lines. Paul
  5. The FSUIPC installer will make the appropriate entry in the DLL.XML file. A sim re-start may be required for it to be read after the install. In any case that file is OK now if you have FASIPU showing in the menu. Paul
  6. I am missing the ability of Lua scripts running in parallel to have their own unique named, size and position windows. Now, when two different 'ipc.display' calls in different Lua scripts running in parallel happen the 1st is clobbered by the second making my implementation of my Lua driven extension for the A2A L049 Virtual Flight Engineer a mess, so I will probably have to restrict it's use to FSX, and P3D Pre-V4. Paul
  7. I'm not clear on how you are getting the key combos to 2 different programs but it is quite easy to generate multiple key combos from one button press in FSUIPC4. Have you tried editing the INI file to add the 2nd key combo? I often send more than one control/command/key sequence via the same button. Here is an example of my use of button 14 to send 3 different commands. The first entry was assigned via the FSUIPC4 menu and the 2nd and 3r were added 'by hand', editing the INI file. 20=PD,14,CM6:5,0 ;//STARTER ENG 1 - SET PRIMER TO ENG 1 21=PD,14,CM6:30,1 ;//SET PRIMER SELECT TO ENG 1 22=PD,14,CM6:37,1 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 1 Myb controller "D" button 14 sends the controls specified in MCRO file 6, lines 5. 30 and 37 with the desired parameters for each. In your case you would make the first assignment via the FSUIPC4 menu and then copy that entry in the INI file and replace the 1st key combo portion with the desired 2nd key combo, pasting it into the INI file. Paul
  8. Here is a portion of my INI that shows multiple assignments for some switches. Lines 0 and 1 show switch 14 opening both cockpit sliding windows in thw A2A L049. Lines 2 and 3 use switch 15 to close both windows. I use letters instead of numbers for the Joy Num..."D" and "A" here. The B66C0=0 part of the entries is a conditional assignment that allows me to have multiple assignments for controls based on the value in User Defined Offset 0x66C0. In this case these statements are operable when that value is 0 (Control Set 0). I also use my joystick pinky switch to allow further assignments for Control Set 0. ( -C,6) and (+C,6). Unshifted and shifted....Pinky open and Pinky closed. [Buttons.Lockheed Constellation L049] -{========================================================================}- !1=-{CONTROL SET 0 - WINDOWS, APU - AP COMTROLS - PANELS SHIFTED}- 0=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,14,CM25:43,100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:WindowSliding1Lever set}- 1=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,14,CM25:44,100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:WindowSliding2Lever set}- 2=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,15,CM25:43,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:WindowSliding1Lever set}- 3=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,15,CM25:44,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:WindowSliding2Lever set}- 4=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,16,CM25:21,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApuStarterGenSwitch tgl}- 5=B66C0=0 CP(-C,6)D,17,CM25:47,2 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApuStarterGenSwitch set}- 6=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)D,18,CM25:122,100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApAileronControl inc}- 7=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)D,19,CM25:123,-100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApAileronControl dec}- 8=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)A,0,CM25:120,100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApElevatorControl inc}- 9=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)A,1,CM25:121,-100 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApElevatorControl dec}- 10=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)A,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 11=B66C0=0 CR(-C,6)A,3,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- -{========================================================================}- !37=-{CONTROL SET 0 SHIFTED - PANELS - AP SERVOS}- 370=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,14,C66506,14992 -{PANEL_ID_TOGGLE}- 371=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,15,C66506,440 -{PANEL_ID_TOGGLE}- 372=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,16,C66506,1064 -{PANEL_ID_TOGGLE}- 373=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,17,C66506,225 -{PANEL_ID_TOGGLE}- 374=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,18,CM25:110,1 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApAileronServoOn set}- 375=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)D,19,CM25:110,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApAileronServoOn set}- 376=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)A,0,CM25:111,1 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApElevatorServoOn set}- 377=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)A,1,CM25:111,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApElevatorServoOn set}- 378=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)A,2,CM25:112,1 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApRudderServoOn set}- 379=B66C0=0 CP(+C,6)A,3,CM25:112,0 -{Macro A2A_L049: L:ApRudderServoOn set}- -{========================================================================}- Here is a more complex implementation for the engine start of the A2A B-17G. When an engine is selected for start, the start switch is activated, the fire extinguisher selector is set to that engine and the primer pump selector switch is set to that engine. Look at the entries for switches 14, 16, 18 and 0 for those functions. Switch 2 clears several functions. Note that I had inserted comments originally and when Pete added the automatic comments feature, they were appended to my comments. in this example. !2=//SET 2 STARTERS ENG 1 - 4 CLEAR START & MESH SET 4 PRIMER & PUMP - ALL MACROS 20=B66C0=1 PD,14,CM6:5,0 ;//STARTER ENG 1 - SET PRIMER TO ENG 1 MACRO -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Start set}- 21=B66C0=1 PD,16,CM6:5,2 ;//STARTER ENG 2 - SET PRIMER TO ENG 2 MACRO -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Start set}- 22=B66C0=1 PD,18,CM6:6,2 ;//STARTER ENG 3 - SET PRIMER TO ENG 3 MACRO -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Start set}- 23=B66C0=1 PA,0,CM6:6,0 ;//STARTER ENG 4 - SET PRIMER TO ENG 4 MACRO -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Start set}- 24=B66C0=1 PD,15,CM6:7,0 ;//MESH ENG 1 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Mesh set}- 25=B66C0=1 PD,17,CM6:7,2 ;//MESH ENG 2 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Mesh set}- 26=B66C0=1 PD,19,CM6:8,2 ;//MESH ENG 3 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Mesh set}- 27=B66C0=1 PA,1,CM6:8,0 ;//MESH ENG 4 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Mesh set}- 28=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:5,1 ;//CLEAR STARTER 1/2 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Start set}- 29=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:6,1 ;//CLEAR STARTER 3/4 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Start set}- 30=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:7,1 ;//CLEAR MESH 1/2 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter12Mesh set}- 31=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:8,1 ;//CLEAR MESH 3/4 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:Starter34Mesh set}- 32=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:30,0 ;//SET PRIMER SELCT TO OFF -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerSel set}- 33=B66C0=1 PA,3,CM6:31,1 ;//ACTIVATE PRIMER -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerOn tgl}- 34=B66C0=1 PD,14,CM6:30,1 ;//SET PRIMER SELCT TO ENG 1 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerSel set}- 35=B66C0=1 PD,16,CM6:30,2 ;//SET PRIMER SELCT TO ENG 2 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerSel set}- 36=B66C0=1 PD,18,CM6:30,3 ;//SET PRIMER SELCT TO ENG 3 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerSel set}- 37=B66C0=1 PA,0,CM6:30,4 ;//SET PRIMER SELCT TO ENG 4 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:PrimerSel set}- 38=B66C0=1 PD,14,CM6:37,1 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 1 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:FireEngineSelected set}- 39=B66C0=1 PD,16,CM6:37,2 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 2 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:FireEngineSelected set}- 40=B66C0=1 PD,18,CM6:37,3 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 3 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:FireEngineSelected set}- 41=B66C0=1 PA,0,CM6:37,4 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 4 -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:FireEngineSelected set}- 42=B66C0=1 PA,2,CM6:37,0 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO OFF -{Macro A2A_B17G: L:FireEngineSelected set}- Hope this gives you an idea as how to proceed with multiple assignments for a controller button/switch. Paul
  9. If you have your system set to hide 'system files' you may not be seeing the INI file. If your FSUIPC is working then there certainly is an INI file in the Modules folder. Go to your 'Control Panel', 'Folder Options', 'View' and check the settings under that tab. Paul
  10. Fr. Dane, Great. Glad you have it working! I'm always happy when I can help! Paul
  11. Where are those view definitions located? In the Camaera.cfg file or the Aircraft.cfg file. According to the P3DV4 SDK it appears that camera definitions in the Aircraft.cfg file can be defined just as they were in FSX and prior versions of P3D. That is, using the same templates that I posted above for the CameraDefinition.001 thru .003 views, This is completely separate and different from the global user defined cameras located in the Camera cfg file. Try adding one of the definitions I posted above into one of your aircraft.cfg files and assigning the view number to a switch in the Controls menu. That will tell you if this method is still valid. Paul
  12. After a bit of searching I have concluded that to use the View camera select assignment feature via the HotKeySelect method the camera definitions must be of the 'aircraft' type, not the 'global' type as your example shows. This means you would need to create the camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file as opposed to the camera.cfg file. They will be rather straightforward entries and not the overly-verbose XML variety that I tend to avoid whenever possible! Here is an example of three of my definitions which I use, customized for each of my aircraft types that I fly: //---------------------------------------- [CameraDefinition.001] Title = "Right Seat" Guid = {8ff6c134-098d-409f-baec-caba3f683f98} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = YES SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.7 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=100 HeadingPanRate=100 InitialXyz=0.8533983, 0.0, 0.0 InitialPbh=0, 0, 0 HotKeySelect=5 [CameraDefinition.002] Title = "Center Panel" Guid = {195EAB58-9E4A-2E2A-A34C-A8D9D948F078} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = YES SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.7 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=100 HeadingPanRate=100 InitialXyz=0.4, 0.0, 0.0 InitialPbh=5, 0, 0 HotKeySelect=7 [CameraDefinition.003] Title = "Engine Controls" Guid = {195EAB58-9E4A-3E2A-A34C-A8D9D948F078} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = YES SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = FALSE AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.7 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=100 HeadingPanRate=100 InitialXyz=0.4, 0, 0 InitialPbh=50, 0, 0 HotKeySelect=6 I simply use these as templates when I wish to create custom views for new aircraft and simply modify the initialXyz and Pbh values for the new view. Other changes could be the origin, title or any of the listed parameters. The GUID must be unique within the confines of the aircraft.cfg file but not globally since these definitions are only loaded for a particular aircraft and are discarded when a new aircraft with its definitions is loaded. The editing/creation process isn't too difficult but I find that during the process it is helpful to have a key combo assigned to the 'Aircraft(reload)' control in the Buttons/Keys menu so you can reload the aircraft.cfg file and observe your edits/changes. These definitions go into the aircraft.cfg file just below any existing 'CameraDefinition.xx' views. If there are pre-defined CameraDefinition.001 thru .003 views, then simply add your new views below them, keeping the numbering consecutive. Hope this helps. Paul
  13. //---------------------------------------- [CameraDefinition.001] Title = "Right Seat" Guid = {8ff6c134-098d-409f-baec-caba3f683f98} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = YES SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.69 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=100 HeadingPanRate=100 InitialXyz=0.8533983, 0.0, 0.0 InitialPbh=0, 0, 0 HotKeySelect=5 NOTE: The above is one of my CameraDefinitons. The Copy/Paste feature on this board insists on putting it at the TOP of the post rather than the bottom so read on then refer back to the above! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't have P3DV4 but I have FSX and P3DV3. If there are the same 'View camera select 1 through 9 in V4 then simply add this line to the end of your camera definitions: HotKeySelect=5 or 6 - 9 Then assign the button/switch you want to use for that view in the simulator Controls menu for the like-numbered view: View camera select 5 for the above example. In FSX some of the lower numbered views, 1-4 are pre-assigned I believe so I always use 5 on up. Typically I assign my left and right seat views pluse 2 otheres to my #2 hat switch on my joystick. That way I can 'move around' the aircraft with a flick of my thumb. If you have a registered version of FSUIPC you can expand the 4 views to 8 using a 'conditional' assignment, say with or without the stick 'pinky switch' set. In my setup the 'left' switch is assigned to F9, the VC defualt view (left seat). The rest use the HotKeySelect method. EDIT: I just looked at your definitions file. I do not use that method to define cameras but instead define them in the aircraft.cfg file so I am not certain how to maake the assignment using your 'global' method. Paul
  14. Ah, thanks for the diligence and finding the cause of my issue. I would never have seen this on my home machine as all the controllers are present, whereas here on my traveling laptop I only have a Logitec G3 keyboard attached periodically and recently added the MadCatz joystick. I have far fewer axis on this setup and I didn't attempt to 'clean up' the ported over INI file. Paul
  15. "so, the only one which seems wrong is the Axes one. Right?" Yes, that is correct. Paul
  16. Pete, Just to be clear, that INI file is the one that exists on my home computer and not the one that I have here on my traveling laptop, which I am attaching here. The previous file was to show the size and structure of my edits as an understanding of my 'reluctance' to make any changes in my methods :) The attacked INI here shows the sections related to the C172 that were added at the end of the file and dis not appear to honor the ShortAircraftName. Paul FSUIPC4_MP2A.zip
  17. Up until the day before yesterday I had not needed to make any changes/additions to any of my aircraft sections that are contained in the INI file. I am currently traveling and on my gaming laptop and an INI file copied over from my home system. I had need to do some Lua scripting for someone on the A2A forums and that called for some additions to the axis and keys sections of the A2A C182. That is when I discovered the issue. On my home machine I have a great many of the previous FSUIPC4 downloads saved in an archive and once I am finished with my travels in late September I could see If I could narrow down the point at which the aircraft specific issue began. Until then I can live with just editing the INI file when necessary. As I have hundreds of hours invested in edits of my INI files, most of which exceed 6000 lines, And all my entries are indeed 'aircraft specific' as they make use of MCRO files for each aircraft, defining the L:Vars for that aircraft, and use Lua scripts that are unique for that aircraft. I don't 'view' my INI in a 'broad' aircraft type or other identifier nor can I group or combine the various INI sections into anything other than the 'aircraft specific' architecture. I was/am reluctant to attempt any wholesale changes to the architecture that I have currently. At some point in the distant future I will move to P3dV4 or whatever version is current at that time. Then I may consider changing to the 'profile' architecture. I have attached my 'main' INI file that resides on my home machine so you can see the methods I use. The INI file on this laptop is 'similar' but the various controllers are missing and a single MadCatz joystick is in use. Also many of the aircraft referenced in the laptop INI are not installed so going through it would be a challenge at best. Paul FSUIPC4_MP2.zip
  18. "Sorry, you have profiles defined but you aren't using profiles? I'm confused. " Now I am confused. Where do you see that I have profiles defined? Does this entry "UseProfiles=No " negate the use of profiles? The sections [Keys.C182_VH-DLL] and [Axes.C182_VH-DLL] were created when I made assignments with the 'Aircraft speciific' box checked and there was already a [Axes.C182] section but it was ignored. I never use profiles nor do I wish to. All my 5600+ lines in my INI file were created using 'Aircraft specific' settings. Yesterday was the first time I came across this issue so I couldn't report it sooner. For the time being I'll just edit the [Keys.C182_VH-DLL] entry to be [Keys.C182] and move the line 0=FS,256,F,x020066D0,0,0,0 -{ FSUIPC: offset word set, offset 66D0 }- to the existing [Axes.C182] section where it should have gone to begin with. Paul
  19. Hello Pete, Somewhere along the way there seems to be a bug that crept into the code related to ShortAircraftNamesOK=Yes and the Aircraft specific setting for Axis and Keys. Buttons and Switches seems to still be OK. I am running FSUIPC4 4.97 on Win7 Pro X64. Here are the entries I made today8 to those three categories while in the same aircraft: My recent Buttons inputs, Aircraft specific went to the correct place. [Buttons.C182] . . 220=PF,13,CL38:K,0 -{LuaKill DispC182 (Flag 0)}- 221=UF,13,CL53:K,0 -{LuaKill C182_Visor (Flag 0)}- 222=PF,0,Cx510066D2,x00020001 -{offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66D2 (Incr=1, Limit=2)}- 224=RF,38,C65680,0 -{VIEW_LEFT}- 225=RF,34,C65676,0 -{VIEW_RIGHT}- My Keys and Axis inputs, Aircraft specific did not. [Keys.C182_VH-DLL] 8=48,9,x510066D2,x00020001,L53:R,0 -{shft+0: Press=offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66D2 (Incr=1, Limit=2), Release=Lua C182_Visor }- [Axes.C182_VH-DLL] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=FS,256,F,x020066D0,0,0,0 -{ FSUIPC: offset word set, offset 66D0 }- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the two ini file lines related to the operation: ShortAircraftNameOk=Yes UseProfiles=No There was an existing [Axes.C182] section in the INI but the new assignment created the one above which has the full aircraft name, as does the newly created Keys section. Not sure when this issue began but it was present with 4.959n which I had on this laptop until I installed 4.97 yesterday. Paul
  20. Great. The lua display feature isn't critical to my scripts but they do help me to know which of 8 or 10 groups of controller assignments I have currently set and the assignment for each of my 10 switches on my throttle quads.my switches or in other scripts what elevator trim or rudder trim I have dialed in and myriad other settings/states. Paul
  21. Pete, will FSUIPC5 retain/include the lua capabilities that we currently have in FSUIPC4? Paul
  22. Always happy to share the bits and pieces of the FSX puzzle as I discover them :) Paul
  23. I have my fingers crossed :) I have untold hours invested in creating my 'aircraft specific' sections with heavy use of conditional statements to allow the 10 switches on my Saitek Pro throttle quadrants to have up to 10 unique assignments for each switch for each aircraft. All of that has to be done by hand edits of the ini file. When Pete added the auto-comment feature that made life easier for me in following my own coding and not having to add my own comments as I had been doing all along! Currently I do not have to use the keyboard or mouse to any extent to fly any of my aircraft from cold & dark to in the air and return, thanks to FSUIPC4. I have lots of hours invested in lua scripts as well Paul
  24. That is a game killer for me. There will not be any Dovetail products in my future. That is for sure! Looks like P3DV4 will be my path once I decide to give up FSX. Not looking forward to having to regenerate the 7259 lines of my current FSUIPC4.ini file! :(
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