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I need to set my aircraft with 6 position flap by 6 key press. But I noticed that by FSUIPC I have only 3 setting (FLAP 1- FLAP 2 - FLAP 3). How I can set FLAP 4 - FLAP 5 and FLAP 6 ? Thanks.

Where are you looking? FSUIPC doesn't have any individual flap settings at all, so I can only think that you are referring to the FS flap controls, which of course you can assign to via FSUIPC as well as in FS.

Usually folks operate flaps by increment and decrement, but you can use a joystick axis or lever instead if you like. FSUIPC provides facilities to calibrate positions on a lever for the number of flap positions your current aircraft allows.

Alternatively, if you want a button or switch position for each flap position you need to use the "Flaps Set" control with the parameter set accordingly. A parameter of 0 means flaps up, and 16383 is flaps full down. The rest are more or less regularly spaced between those two extremes (not by angle, only by flap number).


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