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FSUIPC stops detecting devices

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Hi everyone

I just bought a copy of FSUIPC 3.96 and am trying to use it to configure my controls - joystick + ch pedals + saitek throttle. I've managed to configure the rudder pedals correctly, as well as the throttle levers, including reverse. However I am having many problems configuring the buttons and switches both on the quadrant and the joystick. What happens is that FSUIPC seems to stop detecting them from one moment to the other. For instance, I start FS and then access the buttons + switches tab. I am able to configure the quadrant button assignments and then I go back to FS to try them. When I return to FSUIPC, if I try again the buttons + switches tab, FSUIPC doens't detect any buttons, including the ones I had just configured. The same happens with the joystick buttons and all axes at times. It is as if FSUIPC starts working correctly and then all of a sudden something starts interfering with it and preventing buttons / axis detection. Oh and I have already deactivated my antivirus (Kaspersky) and firewall. My OS is Win 7 64-bit, FS version is 9.1.

Can anybody advise on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I just bought a copy of FSUIPC 3.96

You don't buy a specific version. 3.96 is well out of date -- the oldest supported version is 3.98. Please update.

FSUIPC seems to stop detecting them from one moment to the other.

That was fixed a while back. Please always make sure you are up to date before asking for support. Review the Announcements at the top of this Forum from time to time. You will find them very helpful in these matters, especially the one on "Updates".



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