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latest freeware fsuipc?

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I am looking for the latest fsuipc for FS9, I d/led the 3.98 but it asks for registration.

Where does it "ask for registration"? Sorry, but that is nonsense!

Not one version of FSUIPC I've ever made EVER asks for registration.

The installer provides you with the OPTION to register, in case you want to. Do you not see that? You choose whatever path you wish. I moved the option to the Installer to get over the need to have a special run of FS in "Administrator Mode" just to register! The installer has sufficient privileges just by virtue of being an installer, so getting around that constantly annoying problem!

Why not read a little of the Installation document provided within the ZIP? It might help you understand things better, and it really isn't that long! I sometimes feel I waste my time providing any documentation whatsoever! :-(


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Wow - relax... I overlooked the "press cancel for no registration"

Holy crap - nice attitude there man, I appreciate your product though, thanks.

Attitude? I think you should look to your own, please! Read your first message then read my reply and you'll see it was completely justified. FSUIPC never asks for a registration, it never has. And documentation is always provided for a purpose, not just to give me something to do to fill all the time i don't have.


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