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Hello there,

I’ve only recently started using FSX, the last time I used flight sim was Flight Sim on the Atari ST (I think) so it’s been a while.

So, I’ve got myself a new PC, FSX, a couple of add-ons and an X52 Pro joystick.

What I’d like is if some kind soul could take the time to explain what FSUIPC and WideFS are?

Is FSUIPC a configuration program for joysticks in FS/FSX or am I doing it a disservice? If it does configure joysticks, what does it do over the inbuilt FSX control config or the X52 programming software?

I have no idea what WideFS does. Again, could someone enlighten me?

Many thanks,


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What I’d like is if some kind soul could take the time to explain what FSUIPC and WideFS are?

FSUIPC is, at root, simply an interface into FS for FS applications and some add-on aircraft. If you use something which needs FSUIPC, it will tell you. If you nothing you use needs it you don't need it, it becomes optional.

It started, back in FS98 days, as just that: an almost invisible interface. Since then it has been expanded to provide lots of extra facilities for users. Those require a purchased registration code (unlike the application interface -- at least for most licensed FSUIPC applications. Some require purchase).

WideFS is just an expansion of the application interface provided by FSUIPC to other PC's on a local network. it allows some applications to run on PCs which aren't actually running FS, enabling them still to interface to it to extract and inject information.

Really, to find out a lot more than anyone here can tell you, you should simply download and install it, then browse the documentation supplied with it. That costs nothing. If you simply want to read the documentation instead, first, then check the Updates and other Goodies Announcement here in the Forum.



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