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Buy FSUIPC and WIDEFS6....?!?!

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I'm interested to run FS2004 on this PC an the instructor station on another, if I'll buying WIDEFS6 I'll be able to do that?

Is that the Microsoft program? If so then no -- WideFS only provides a Networked version of the FSUIPC interface, so it can only support programs using FSUIPC.

Have you checked whether it uses Multiplayer? If so then it will probably work from another PC without adding anything.


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Yes, I want run FS2004 in one PC and on the other connected via lan cable fs2004 (but the instructor station- included in fs9) is that possible?

I have no idea, sorry. Is there any documentation with the instructor station? I've never had time to look at it and it doesn't look like I'll get time for a while yet.


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Ok, you will need to try it just 30 sec (time to loading the instructor station) but anyway if you are to busy to found 1 min during one of this days....... :?

If you can let me know, and than if yes I'll buy both license

Why? I already said, it doesn't use FSUIPC or WideFS, so whether you buy my software is totally unconnected with whether you can use Instructor Station. Please do NOT buy them to try something completely unconnected with them!

Quite honestly I am not interested in the instructor station. I've no need to try it. I've not even used multiplayer, and for either it would take a lot longer for me to find out how to do it than 30 seconds.

If you want to use it, why don't you try it? I don't understand why you are still relating it to anything of mine?



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