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New Version of GoFlight MCPPRO LUA Scripts for the PMDG J41


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I have just uploaded a new version of my LUA scripts that enable better functionality of the MCP PRO with the J41. This version has improved performance, compatibility with FS2Crew and some bug fixes.

MCP users can customise the scripts to make use of it with their device.

Search the avsim library for mcpproj41apv2.zip

Best wishes


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Hi Steve,

I'm trying to create similar scripts for the FSX PMDG 747. I've got most of the buttons and knobs working but am having difficulties with the display. How did you determine which variables to read for each display?

Any assistance or guidance will be much appreciated.



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Hi Paul,

Pete provides an LUA logging script - its in the the "Example LUA Plugins.zip file" which sits in the LUA_Plugins.zip file which you can download from this forum. The script you need is "log lvars.lua". Run this by assigning it to a button and a window will appear that displays all the LUA variables. I also enable LUA logging in FSUIPC and have the console displayed.

By recording what variables and commands are sent via these two windows you can work out what the variables are. You will need to write some code to update things, as you don't write to the actual variable. E.g. read the altitude and then send x number of ipc.control commands to update the altitude in the sim. You can then write the altitide to the goflight display.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes


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