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FSUIPC and 6 axis limit

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Why fsuipc sees only six axes?

Because that is all that are supported by the Windows "joy" interface, which is used by FSUIPC, just as it was in FS98, FS2000 and, I think, FS2002. The axis complement was extended to 8 axes by DirectInput, used by FS9 and FSX, and that is supported by FSUIPC4, in which, because it was a full re-write (of necessity), I had the opportunity to rewrite that area.

I have a card BU836X and I can't use all 8 axis, it is possible use the axis 7 and 8 with FSUIPC?

You can assign in FS. FSUIPC can still be used for calibration.



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it's possible assign the aileron trim and the rudder trim directly in FS9 axis?

No, sorry. Those are only directly assignable in FSUIPC. However, there is a way around this which was implemented in FSUIPC(long ago, in fact), and which is documented in the section of the Advanced User's guide called "Assignment of additional controls".

What you need to do is assign, in FS, those two axes to two axis control you aren't using. maybe if you never use a 4-engined aircraft, mixture/prop or throttle control for engines 3 and/or 4, or some other axes maybe. It doesn't matter provided you don't use them.

Then you have to find their control numbers in the list of FS controls document I provide in the FSUIPC documentation set. As use those to make the special parameters in FSUIPC.INI file, "AileronTrimcontrol" and "RudderTrimControl".

Have a look in the documentation. I hope it will become clear.



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