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I would like to keep flight log like this:

[12]: Alt=12000 IAS=440 POS= lat/long

There's a Lua plug-in example which does this sort of thing, with a lot more information. Take a look inside the "Example Lua Plug-Ins" ZIP (installed with your FSUIPC documentation) -- the example is "Record to CSV.Lua". You could easily change the format and contents of the output and the filename of the file produced.

is this possible from fsuipc ? if yes how i can do this in VB.NET ?

Yes, of course it is possible -- if you don't want to do it the easy way, with a Lua plug-in, you can program in any language you like. You need the FSUIPC SDK, and for VB.NET I'd recommend the FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET: for that please see the sticky thread higher up in this Forum entitled "FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Release Version 1.3 ".



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well i checked Lua but i can't understand how exactly that works

What part of it don't you understand? You did try running it, didn't you? You can experiment making changes to it, you can't do any harm. Even if you eventually re-program it in VB or something, Lua makes a really good, easy, fast prototyping language -- i.e. to try things out.

so i m going the dirty job manually in VB.NET any suggestions on how to do ?

Sorry, for any language tuition you need to refer to the books. For interfacing to FSUIPC all I can offer is the SDK -- and of course there's that .NET DLL interface method too, as I referred you to.

or an explanation on how the Lua works ?

What do you mean "how the Lua works"? The specific program lines? Which parts don't you understand? The language is not very much different from VB or any other easy level language. And in any case most of the Lua examples I have provided consist mainly of FSUIPC library calls, all of which are documented in the package.

For more information on Lua as a language you need to refer to the Lua website, or buy the book(s).



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