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read FSX data from the RS232


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If I want to read FSX data from the RS232 COM PORT.

How to do it?

Depends what FSX data you want. In general it is a job for two programs -- one in the FS PC interfacing to FS via FSUIPC or SimConnect, getting the required data and sending it on a selected COM port, and another program in the computer or device you are connecting the serial cable to which can read and process that data.

If you are only interested in position, speed, direction, altitude, then the first program could be omitted -- you could use the FSUIPC built-in GPSout facility to do that job for you. There's even a simple text mode you can select if the NMEA and Aviation formats aren't suitable.

Without more information that's about all I can say.

Note that after this evening (Saturday 18th) I'm off-line till Friday 24th.



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Hi there Pete

Just wondering how the text function works; i can't find anything about it in the user manuals?!

I am building a glider simulator for my gliding club (like many clubs are, or want to do in the future) and for this i would like to communicate with our glider's computer. As input this computer (installed in 1000's of real gliders worldwide) requires RMC, GGA and GLL. But it also needs a specific datastream developed by the manufacturer. The call this LXWP0 (zero) and as far as i can currently tell you it looks like:


1 Y unknown (possible boolean value Y/N)

2 222.3 IAS? speed (km/h)

3 1665.5 baro altitude (meters)

4 1.71 vario (vertical speed up or down in meters/second)

5-9 empty unknown

10 239 heading (degrees)

11 174 wind direction - to (degrees)

12 10.1 wind speed km/h

Can you tell me if it is possible to generate this datastream with GPSout? If not, suggestions?

Thanks very much,

Sander 't Hart

Amsterdam Gliding Club


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