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FSUIPC Assignment Export/Import

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whoever ever configured all his/her saitek components through fsuipc macros etc

knows it can take quite a time to do...

therefore i was wondering, is there a possibility to export all the assignments

and then import them again? ie. when setting up a new pc

thank you in beforehand!

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therefore i was wondering, is there a possibility to export all the assignments

and then import them again? ie. when setting up a new pc

Everything you set or do in FSUIPC is recorded in the INI file (FSUIPC.INI or FSUIPC4.INI) which you will find in the FS Modules folder. All you need to do -- with a couple of provisos -- is keep a copy of that safe and install it yourself when you change.

The provisos are:

1. When you re-connect your control devices, yokes, pedals, throttles etc, they will not necessarily have the same Windows ID number (0-15) as before, so all of the assignments will be to the wrong device. There is a solution for this -- use the facility in FSUIPC to do the assignments by Letters instead of the ID numbers. FSUIPC will then automatically track ID numbers for matching device names and "GUIDs" (those funny long strings which make no sense but which are supposed to be unique).

2. When moving from FS9 (or before) to FSX (or later) some of the Axis names (X Y Z R U V) may change -- normally R U and V get jumbled. There's not a lot can be done about that automatically as it depends on the USB configuration of the device. The difference comes from FSUIPC3 using the older Windows "joy" API and FSUIPC4 using DirectInput.



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Hello, Pete, or anyone who knows anything about FSUIPC and is reading this:

I'm having a problems with a fairly complex BK-117 simulator using the "EuroCopter BK-117 Final Edition" freeware flight model. The setup was done in FS9 with FSUIPC3. The updated setup has been done on a new. PC with all of the same IO devices. I'm in a bit of a time crunch, so redoing all of the offsets(?) manually is out of the questions.

I did try copy the pertinent portions of the FSUIPC.in to the new FSUIPC4.ini, but no joy. I understand from what I read above that the different axis might be a problem due to the way windows log and categorises them,mans I acknowledge there is a fix for that, as mentioned. Here are a few questions:

1. Should the new implementation of FSUIPC see, and be able to import the "profile" from the old setup? This I have been unable to achieve.

2. Will Windows assignment of different USB devices also pertain to the programming of button functions? Replacing the button behaviour section of FSUIPC4.ini with a paste from the old ini brought me no joy.

3. Where, exactly, is the facility for change the assignments if axis etc., to a more universally recognised naming system for FSUIPC?



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