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FSUIPC_User.lib for MS Visual C++ 2010

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Hi folks,

today I wrapped myself around a really daunting task: Porting my C++ project on Windows from MinGW to Visual C++ Express 2010.

During this, I encountered the problem that the FSUIPC_User.lib that is shipped with the SDK causes a linker error, because it relies on libc.lib being linked as importlib. Unfortunately, libc.lib is not any longer part of Visual C++ since version 2008.

The problem has been discussed without a solution here.

Well, the solution is actually easy: You have to recompile the FSUIPC_User.lib itself using MSVC 2010. This can be done by creating a library project and importing the two files IPCUser.h and IPCUser.c out of the Lib_source.zip in the UIPC_SDK_C.zip. Then you build it, and use this library as a replacement for the FSUIPC_User.lib out of the UIPC_SDK_C.zip

Then building with MSVC 2010 works flawlessly.

If it's okay with Pete, I can also upload the VC2010-build FSUIPC_User.lib here.



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