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FSUIPC and Majestic Dash 8-Q300

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Hello Pete,

First of all, happy new year - I hope that you enjoyed Christmas and New Year eve with your family!

I would like to know, how I can give FSUIPC correct assignments for my Saitek Pro Flight Yokes to give my Majestic Dash8-Q300 to give the correct thrust ect.?

The issue is, that my throttle begins giving thrust reverses when I am only reaching half away down on the axis.

My standard assignment with the thrust levers is actually pushing the axis all away down as it is possible (Button 22 etc.)

I have seen a tutorial, which is how to disable the "automatic" assignment of the FSUIPC on the bird, which is actually to remove the .ini-file from the dash8-folder - but still, I cant have the same assignment as for the other aircrafts I fly with.

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The issue is, that my throttle begins giving thrust reverses when I am only reaching half away down on the axis.

It sounds like you are using the separate Thriottles pages to calibrate your throttles and are forgetting to check the "No Reverse Zone" (NRZ) option. The throttles calibration is specifically designed to allow calibration of throttles with both forward and reverse zones on the axis. Please do read the documentation. The section on calibration does point these things out.

The fact that you've got the idle point ("centre") about half way along the axis also indicates that you've not really yet bothered to even try calibrating correctly, as that is the default position. It you were calibrating with mostly forward thrust you'd have placed the idle point, via the two centre "Set" values, way back near the idle stop. If you follow the numbered calibration steps in the documentation you'll have better results even without the "NRZ" option. That's why documentation is provided, to help in matters such as these.



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