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Damn Damn Friggin Black Screen Freeze!!!

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I tell you I am at my wit's ends with this problem.

Every time I try to use FSMeteo or ActiveSky wxRE with FS2004 and switch from full screen to box screen or box to full the sim just friggin freezes at a black screen and crashes the program. So long as I'm not using anything the uses FSUIPC its fine.

I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, using the new 45.23 drv, installed clean, have closed all the programs I can but IT STILL DOES IT!

No, I repeat, no other programs or games have this problem or ever did on my machine.

All programs including FSUIPC are the latest versions and are bought and paid for.

Please is there anyone who has had this problem and fixed it.

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Please is there anyone who has had this problem and fixed it.

Yes, it's quite a well known problem, and is primarily related to DX9 and your video drivers. It is not specifically caused by FSUIPC or any add-on, but by the switching between modes.

There are a couple of other add-ons for Windows that also exacerbate this. Windowblinds is one, and the other is RoboForm. There may be others. Try closing down any non-essential background task before starting up FS2004. However, the main remedy appears to be in finding video drivers that work.

You might like to check Katy Pluta's FS2004 FAQ on the FS2004 Forum here in SimFlight.



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