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Wind Gauge not updating

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Hi Pete,

Hope you had a great weekend at your daughter's. :)

I have a problem that I've had for a few months but have only now noticed it may be something to do with FSUIPC. It has to do with the wind gauge on some of my addon aircraft not displaying the current wind conditions. In fact it appears that the gauge is "freezing" or not updating when the wind conditions change. This will have the following effects....

1. When on instruments the aircraft appears to be tracking incorrectly for it's given heading (eg. tracking to right of heading when indicated winds give a cross-wind from the right).

2. When visual around an airfield the aircraft attitude required to maintain a xwind approach is contrary to the indicated wind conditions.

Example: Today I was flying a right downwind to runway 16R at Sydney Intl in the Wilco A330. Winds on the ND were indicating 130deg/15kts and I was heading 340deg. The track indication was showing as about 347deg (or to the wrong side for the given wind reading). Now here's where it gets interesting. The VATSIM METAR and the Wx being injected from ASE was for winds at 220deg/24kts (which more appropriately explains the tracking indication). Also on final for runway 16R I had to account for a xwind from the right (220/24 again matching the METAR) when the indication was still giving a xwind from the left.

So why do I think this has something to do with FSUIPC? Well I discovered today that by opening the FSUIPC window and closing it again, the wind gauge returns to where it should be. Then after several miles of flying it starts to disagree again, so I bring up the FSUIPC window again and it returns to normal.

Boring stuff:

FSUIPC is a registered version.



Win7 64 bit.

FSUIPC weather is disabled.

Weather supplied by ASE.

Happens with both Wilco A330 and another 737 that I'm beta testing. These are the only two aircraft I fly in FSX that have a wind gauge.

If it was a problem with the addon I would have thought it would happen on one and not the other.

Any ideas???


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So why do I think this has something to do with FSUIPC? Well I discovered today that by opening the FSUIPC window and closing it again, the wind gauge returns to where it should be.

I don't know of any FSX aircraft which use FSUIPC for getting the wind, so are these aircraft ones you've transposed from FS9?

Even in FS9 the wind at the aircraft is easier for a gauge to get directly from FS that to go through FSUIPC.


I'm afraid I can't possibly support old versions of FSUIPC. Please update to at least 4.70. Version 4.60 is over a year old now.

If it still happens, check the FS value by using the Shift+Z display at the top of the screen. If the gauge disagrees with that, then paste the FSUIPC4 log file here. But close FSX fist please.



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