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Is there going to be an updated FSUIPC SDK? If so do you have an estimated timeframe?

Yes, and no, in that order.

Originally I planned to release FSUIPC 3 on the 25th July, and the SDK one week later. Of course, incomplete, only containing what I knew about FS2004 up till then.

Events have thwarted me. I've not even started on it yet. I've been, if anything, busier since releasing FSUIPC 3 than in the desparate few weeks between getting FS2004 gold and making things more or less work.

So, sorry, no date. Everytime I quoted a date I've missed it. If there's anything not obvious is the current SDK, ask me.



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FSUIPC_FS_Version now has a seventh possible value (7), to indicate FS2004, so if you want your software to recognise 'FS2004' rather than 'Unknown', you need to extend your *pFS[] array and make sure your check for unknown is now FSUIPC_FS_Version > 7 rather than 6. (I took the opportunity to #define this elsewhere for future versions )

If you're not using SIM_ANY, you'll need to add SIM_FS2K4. You can find these in FSUIPC_User.h near the top, and SIM_FSK4 follows the pattern and should be assigned 7.

Everything else should then work as expected I hope ;)

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