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I've been attempting to update to version 3.99 for about two weeks now, but am unable to connect to www.schiratti.com. That URL does not respond to a ping.

It's been fine here all that time, as it is now. Just click on the shortcut in the documentation, or on the simMarket sales pages, or here:


I've cleared the browser cache and flushed DNS, to no effect. Is that site available?

Of course, as always, even though the main Project Magenta site moved a long time ago to www.projectmagenta.com.

I don't know what is wrong your end, but if the "Peter Dowson" page on www.schiratti.com was broken there'd certainly be a lot of fuss being made, because there are links to it all over the place. If you still can't connect please do check with your ISP about what's going on. Maybe they are blocking it for some reason?

Doesn't Google search come up with that page at the very top if you Google "Peter Dowson"?



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Thanks, Pete. I thought as much.

None of the links anywhere allow me to connect. I've also been on the road and unable to connect with pcs and macs other that my own from two different states here in the U.S.

Will take the issue up with my ISP and post back results.


Jim Harnes

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