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Launching programs with WideClient

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Hi, everybody

I am currently using WideFs to run standalone gauges over the network. Works perfectly with the Run1... Run9 options in WideFs.ini.

The problem is I am building an Baron58 home cockpit with the free gauges from thegaugefactory.org, and each gauge is a separate application, and I have 11 of them.

WideFs only accepts up to 9 Run options. Is there a way to launch more ? I tried ton launch a Batch file which itself launches servral gauges. It works, but I coudn't find a way to stop the gauges after the flight (I even couln't find how ti stop them from another batch file, tskill or tskkill don't work...

Any idea ? Or any chance Pete adds more Run (and Kill) possibilities ?


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WideFs only accepts up to 9 Run options. Is there a way to launch more ?

You can run 9 initially (run1 - 9), another 9 when FS is "ready to fly" (runready1-9) and another 9 on assigned KeySends (runkey1-9). I can only suggest you run some initially and some when FS is ready. And appeal to that gauge maker to provide some sort of umbrella application which handles their starting and ending.

I really don't want to mess with all that old code in WideClient at this time. I am planning a new Lua plug-in library for FSUIPC and WideClient which will be much more flexible, allowing programs to be started, stopped, brought to the fore, minimized, etc etc. This is planned but currently delayed by more pressing matters. I hope to include it well before Christmas though. ;-)



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