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Importing settings into FSUIPC 4

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Hi, everyone:

I just moved over to the dark side with FSX and bought FSUIPC4 to go with it.

In my old FSUIPC (for which I still have the ini files), I spent considerable time setting up the CH flight yoke and (most particularly) the Saitek Quad Throttle).

I can see all the Saitek settings in the old ini and would not like to have to re-input everything.

Is there a way of pasting the settings for the Saitek into the new FSUIPC4. If so, were does it go, etc.

I would really appreciate your help.


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OR -- alternatively, how does one translate the numbers in the ini file so I can use them to recreate what was in the FS09 setup over in FSUIPC4 in FSX? Either way, the paste in method outlined in my first post, or this way would be far preferable to having to create everything anew.



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Is there a way of pasting the settings for the Saitek into the new FSUIPC4. If so, were does it go, etc.

Copy your FSUIPC INI from FSUIPC3 into the Modules folder for FSX, delete the FSUIPC4.INI and rename the FSUIPC.INI to FSUIPC4.INI.

However, it would be a good idea, if you've not already done it, to first change FSUIPC's joystick numbering to its "joy letters", where you have letters assigned to the joysticksd instead of using the base number IDs from the Windows registry. If you do that then FSUIPC can still track the devices even if they look to be connected differently.

If you've assigned joystick axes in FSUIPC, the only additional likely thing to go wrong is that some axes may be differently named -- X Y Z will be okay, but sometimes R U or V will get reassigned. This is a result ogf FSUIPC3 using the original Windows "joy" interface and FSUIPC4 using DirectInput. You'll need to be aware of that (check by waggling all the axes) and then edit the appropriate lines in the [Axes] section(s) of the INI file.



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Welcome back. I can just imagine the backlog of messages ... same as mine after a 1-week trip to Austria last week.

Thanks so much for the information. I just accomplished the changes and everything works perfectly after some amount of "waggling."

All best ...


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