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Flight Deck Companion v FSUIPC

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Hello Pete

I recently installed FDC by Aerosoft and experienced a couple of minor issues once installed. Without going into too long a story, when starting this programme, upon investigation, I found that v3.99g of FSUIPC had changed to v3.73!

I re-installed v3.99 and have stopped using FDC until such time the issue with it can be resolved. I'm using FS9 with PMDG 800/900.

What could possibly do that?

Thank you


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I would strongly suspect that the Aerosoft installer included the older version of FSUIPC and simply overwrote your newer one without checking the date and/or version of the file it was overwriting.

Many installers do that, unfortunately. I would have thought that if you run FDC now you have replaced 3.73 with a 3.9x version, it should stay overwritten with the new version.

Ian P.

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Hi Alan,

It's a very common problem, unfortunately - however if you ask people to install FSUIPC before installing your application, that causes just as many problems.

There isn't a good answer. I just automatically try and copy the latest FSUIPC.dll back in after installing a complex add-on these days. I just keep a copy of the latest version called "FSUIPC.bak" in my modules folder.

Can you just confirm that you can run FDC and that it doesn't overwrite FSUIPC please? There's no reason it should, but I'd rather not say it's definitely the installer until that is confirmed.


Ian P.

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Hello Ian

All I want to work with FDC is the cabin crew announcements. So I've disabled all the options except cabin crew announcements. This worked fine, it wasn't until I started adjusting the rotary speed dial on my (hardware) MCP that a pop up window declared that VCP was on when I turned the dial to increase the speed and VCP off when I turned the dial to decrease speed. This led to me learning that there are hotkeys assigned by default in FDC.

So I unchecked all these (obviously interfering with CPFlight assignments) and this is when it appears that FSUIPC reverted to the earlier version. I then re-installed the current version of FSUIPC-no problem there-and I re-checked the hotkeys assignments and all's well apart from VCP taking control when I don't want it to.

If you have any further suggestions I'd be grateful.

I hope that all makes sense.


Alan W

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