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Flaps on Saitek Quadrant

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Eureka!!! After many atempts I finally programed the incremental flaps settings on the quadrant. I can only tell you how it worked for me, not sure if it is repeatable for all. I made a tape on the right side of the flap lever, far right for me, and evenly spread out and marked the flap seetings on the tape. Then I followed very carefully the steps in the manual with one exception, before calibrating I checked REV.

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Then I followed very carefully the steps in the manual with one exception, before calibrating I checked REV.

Yes, REV, when needed, always should be done BEFORE calibration, else all the settings need re-doing.

FSUIPC's calibrations facility started out only calibrating axes already assigned in FS. In fact the recommendation was to assign in FS, get them worrking as best as you can, before THEN going into FSUIPC and doing it a little more precisely. That way it is FS which does the REVersing when needed -- in fact it also has a "reverse" checkbox or similar.

The facilities to assign axes in FSUIPC instead came about much later, really to suit those needing different devices for different aircraft types, but also to allow some additional axes to be made assignable (like reversers and steering tillers). FSUIPC's calibration still works with both ways of assigning.

Then there's the hardware differences. It didn't use to be quite so predictable which axes needed reversing, and sometimes it's a matter of taste -- but generally these do, for different reasons:

1. Toe brakes on rudder pedals: for some reason manufacturers insist on having the max value sent with the brakes off, and the minimum when fully depressed.

2. Spoiler / speed brakes -- because "off" is fully forward, the opposite of Throttles

3. Flaps, because fully up is full forward.

With any axis is is best to check first. If the numbers are increasing is a counter intuitive way when just watching the input on the Calibration screen, REVerse.



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