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Problems buying Fsuipc

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Hi Pete

I know it’s not your fault, but 3 times now I have tried to buy FSUIPC but simMarket will not accept any of my cards, PayPal and after emailing them several times, I keep getting no reply. :mad:

Is there Any other way I can purchase FSUIPC as I really need it ASAP for my home cockpit build, :razz:

I’m a complete novice at programming ect. and will probably need help in the future

Thanks in advance
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Andy that's not true and even if it was, it would be a pretty stupid thing to do as a business.

They implemented the ticket system because everything submitted using it is then tracked and can be actioned by any member of the team, whereas support by e-mail isn't controlled and ends up with no-one, or multiple, people responding.

Having done IT support for ten years, I can't help but agree with that!

Anyway, that's irrelevent.

Alan: If you've submitted a ticket to simMarket, can you PM me the number please and I'll send it up the simFlight tree to get it to go down the simMarket tree and see what has happened. If you haven't submitted a ticket, can you do so, please?


Ian P.

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Well I've helped more than one person over at AVSIM by suggesting that they use a free email address when using the support ticket system because they some folk dont seem to get a responce with their ISP supplied email address, so it's the customers ISP that is blocking SM not the other way around as I suggested previously, in my defence I was in a rush when I replied last time.



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