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Hello. I have recently purchased Fsuipc due to poor calibration in the FS system. Additonally, I purchased it to specifically control the condition levers in my F1 ATR. I've read and tried many things based on posts from other users but nothing will work. I'm sure this has been beat to death and I did a search for this topic but nothing pertinent to my precise situation came up. I also tried following the procedures for creating a mouse macro and could not get that to work either. I realize this may be asking a lot but could someone give me a step-by-step for this aircraft. Flaps, throttles, buttons,etc. are all programmed. Just need to program the condition levers. Want to use them on my two other axis's and have them listed as aircraft specific. Any help and instruction is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Eric G.

P.S. Running FSX w/acceleration, Windows 7x64, saitek yoke & throttle quadrant, saitek rudder pedals, additonal usb throttle quadrant, saitek autopilot panel, multi-switch panel and radio stack panel.

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I purchased it to specifically control the condition levers in my F1 ATR. I've read and tried many things based on posts from other users but nothing will work.

I think "Conditon" levers are usually controlled by the Mixture axes in FS. What have you been trying to assign? Mouse macros aren't normally applicable to axes, only to buttons and switches, and then only if the panel is made using the FS9-style Microsoft gauge SDK.

You need to determine what controls the condition levers in the first place. I assume they are not programmed in that aircraft for mouse use only -- that would be very short-sighted of the developer. If there are no instructions with the aircraft telling you what to use, try enabling FSUIPC's event logging 9axis and non-axis events), then operate the levers and check the Log file to see what it used. If you put FSX into Windowed mode and enable the console log in FSUIPC's logging tab you'll be able to see the effects in real time.



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Here is what I have done:

1. create controls through mouse macro functionality for 100%ovrd, Auto, feather (rght click). Doing so, you create a .MCRO file. Here is mine ATR.MCRO (only lines 8,9,10 are relevant to your question):













Note that I have not created a control for Fuel S.O. You may add this if you wish to.

2. In FSUIPC axis tab, assign an axis to "condition levers" and take advantage of the range facility, i.e. assign the above created controls to specific ranges of this axis. Here is the relevant part of my FSUIPC4.ini (lines 1,2,3,4 are relevent to your question):







Hope this helps a bit.

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Here is what I have done:

... Hope this helps a bit.

Not really. I'm lost. what am I supposed to deduce from what you posted?

Does the condition lever use axis inputs or not? That's the main question, but from what you've posted I can only assume that you don't have a problem any more? That you've solved it?


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The post by abax2000 is replying to the original post by EasyEE, just because I (abax2000) use the same a/c and I have done with FSUIPC what EasyEE is asking for.

Ah, sorry! I didn't notice the author was changed. No wonder I was confused -- you already solved the problem!


I take it, then, that its condition lever doesn't use an axis such as Mixxture.



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Thanks for the replies. Actually the stock F1 ATR for FSX only uses mouse clicks to control the condition levers. There are no corresponding keypresses or axis assigning abilities. However, I did assign both engine 1 and engine 2 condition levers to two separate axis' using the mouse macro and range settings in FSUIPC. Works great. Can't believe I've been desktop flying for two years and haven't used this product. Love it. Thanks Mr. Dawson. Great product.

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