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FSUIPC FSX,how to delete BU0836X

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how can I delete my BU0836X card from my fsx/fsuipc and reinstall it again in a different usb port,

due to correcting my prosim737 configration I had to chang my card usb port and now my flight controls don't work.

There's no such thing as "deleting a card" in FSUIPC. There are assignments, not cards.. Do you actually want to delete all your assignments? Just look in the FSUIPC INI file. You will see [buttons] sections and [Axes] section. If you delete those you'll have no assignments whatseover to any device.

But that won't make your flight controls work, will it? To make controls work they need to be assigned, not deleted.

FSUIPC does include facilities for keeping track of controllers -- see the section on Joy Letters. If you want to be able to move things around without losing assignments you should really make use of those facilities first. Maybe you can temporarily move thing back the way they were, then enable the Joy Lettering option, and then move them as you want? That would be the best way. FSUIPC will be able to keep track then as it will be using the letters assigned instead of the Windows joystick IDs, which are getting changed.

Alternatively if you know the old joystick number and the new one you can edit all of the Button assignment lines and the Axes assignment lines which currently refer to the old ID number to refer to the new ID.number instead.



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