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in Axis Assignment, i have always used Aircraft Specific. After a format i have reinstalled everything and now i've Profile Specific.

You must have not saved your previous INI file. FSUIPC now defaults to using Profiles, as they are much easier to handle and make more sense.

I would know how can i set Aircraft Specific instead of Profile Specific?

Until you actually create a profile all you need to do is change the UseProfiles=Yes line to UseProfiles=No. But if you are setting up everything afresh I would strongly recommend using profiles. If I'd thought of that system originally I would never have implemented the clumsy aircraft-specific system. It's really only justified when you've already put a lot of work into it, but if you've lost or discarded all your settings anyway, as it sounds like, then you should really do it the better way.



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i have tried many time to change YES to NO, but i still have Profile Specific, in fact when I do restart the SIM (Fs2004) i've again YES in the .ini file.

What's wrong?

If you have no aircraft-specific assignments or calibrations set yet, then it will default to using profiles, because that is far preferable, easier for you, and less support for me. If you really want to go back to aircraft-specific you'll need to add at least one dummy aircraft-specific section. e.g.



Do this and change UseProfiles=No again. This will fool FSUIPC into thinking you are already using aircraft-specific and won't force the change on you.

The change this way was never intended to happen, and I don't understand why you'd want to do it. Can you please explain why, so I can understand? No one else has wanted to go backwards like this. it makes no sense to me.



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No i try to config Profile, but for the moment i need "Aircraft Specific" to fly.

If you have no existing aircraft-sepcific settings it is quicker or at least just as quick and easy to do your assignments and make them a profile. You can name the profile specifically according to the aircraft if you wish. In fact you can have a different profile for every aircraft of every livery, if you wish. A bit pointless, but you can.

But it doesn't take any more effort to built a profile for your aircraft than making an arcraft-specific setting set for it. I really don't understand what you are afraid of. Just check the Profile option, name your profile, and your settings for the current aircraft are made part of that profile.

Please tell me what the problem is you are trying to avoid so strenuously -- so much so that you've taken days over it and many messages. I just don't understand!?


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