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FSUIPC can fix any CTD function?

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Like g3d.dll or g2d.dll..etc,fsuipc can fix those CTD?

No. It can't "fix" any at all, really, not in the sense that it makes the FS code do what it should be doing. The current FSUIPC4 version patches G3D.DLL to work around a problem which causes a very specific, but apparently quite common, FSX and P3D crash. The code it patches happens to be convenient enough to patch as it is merely a routine which does some tests and returns either TRUE or FALSE. The patch merely checks that the address it is using is valid (which in the case of a crash it is not), and if not it forces the FALSE exit and avoids the access protection crash (error code C0000005)..

Luckily this action seems to have no adverse consequences.

I did look at another place in G3D.DLL which was indicated in some crashes, but in that case it wasn't possible to take a work-around course of action. Mostly other crashes I've seen don't have much in common in any case.



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Unfortunately my CTD situation not only G3D.dll erroe code,and mostly happen when OC in high frequency,if reduce bit frequency CTD seem not happen.

I will finger out is OC cause thoes CTD,thanks you Pete.

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