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Goflight mcp pro fighting waited multi panel

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Hello Peter,

I have been wondering what was happening to my good old Goflight mcp pro (firmware a16) behaving strangely.

Indeed, it was acting very erratic since l updated Goflight driver to version 2.20 or 2.21 from 2.03 working better.

I went back to version 2.03 (after reading that recommendation from a Goflight forum user facing the same issue ) and it impoved a lot but I was still getting erratic movements such as when setting speed on mcp for instance to 229 then when ine, after i guess a USB scan by dx9, it would notice that my speed on saitek device was not the same so it changed my speed to that in my mcp

Is there a way to keep my saitek multi panel connected to my pc through fsuipc together in Goflight mcp.

FYI When changing course alt heading speed on mcp pro, I notice that indication on saitek hardware changes but not as fast as on Mcp

Then when I m done setting things up on Mcp if scans saitek settings which are imported in Mcp pro

Hope this was clear

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Well Pete, I know that.

But both products are working fine.

The only issue i when turning knobs on Mcp fast, saintek panel don t keep up and after I m done, say I entered 229 for heading coming from 150 on both modules. After selecting 229 on mcp iI will see that in mcp fine for a sec then the value of the saitek module which is say 194 since it didnt keep up with value on mcp will be set on mcp.

Satek having priority....

I thought I read somewhere there was a fsuipc function thAt solved my issue.

Like forbdiing dx9 to read USB controllers after setting something up.

Or maybe one module could have priority on the other

I want my 2 modules to remain connected at all times even though saitek is for general aviation use and Goflight mcp is for liners.

I you can t think of anything to help me

They will av to be used one at the time

I hope I m clear

Best regards and thank u or ur time

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I thought I read somewhere there was a fsuipc function thsolved my issue.

Like forbiing dx9 to reaf USB controllers after setting something up

I hope I m clear

Sorry, no. I don't understand. FSUIPC of course scans joystick ("directInput") devices on initialisation, and also when you go into FSUIPC options, but this really does only mean joystick types, not all HID devices and certainly not all USB devices. Neither of the ones you are concerned with are classified as joysticks (which interface has no display options in any case, of course).

There are COM and HID programming facilities in the Lua libraries -- LINDA uses these to handle many devices. Have you looked at using LINDA?



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