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help with mouse macro please

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Hi ...

I am attempting to operate a button which is 'double-acting' if i can put it that way ... you press it in and it pops back out. With the macro as below set up the button stays in the 'in' position so i need the code to create the return to the 'out' position. Hope that makes sense!(for anyone who knows the Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne for FSX its the 'Altitude Arm' button for the AP). I have read the section at the end of the Mouse Macro section in the docs which discusses buttons less easy to set, but can't make any headway with it ...




thanks in advance ...


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Hi Guenseli ...

appreciate your response. I don't think what you're suggesting will do it as there is no 'button release' available to use ... that is the problem i am trying to solve. For the 'arm' function to work the button has to return to the 'out' position. It can be done as i did it some time ago but unfortunately lost my backup copy of the macro in a recent disk wipe-out( how I did it is a mystery to me ... it must have been some kind of divine intervention as I have absolutely none of the know-how required to do these sorts of thing). I have a vague recollection of adding some extra code to the code as in my first post along the lines of what Peter mentions in the user guide ... the addition of ,11 or ,17. Beyond that all is a blank ...

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