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P3D 1.4 AS2012 and Radar Contact

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The old problem of long delays communicating with RC on approach seem to have returned with P3D 1.4 when using AS2012 in DWC. I seem to remember that a tweak to FSUIPC fixed the original problem. Any hope this time?

Not sure what "tweak" you mean. And there should most certainly be no difference with P3D 1.4. What has DWC mode got to do with it (AS2012 defaults to that mode in any case)?

I don't use P3D, but I do use RC and AS2012 with FSX. Never any delays there The only possible reason I can think of for any delay in RC being able to respond is an overloaded PC. Do you run everything all on one PC? I have RC on a Client PC.


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I run the whole thing on one PC (High end). When AS first launched DWC there was a widely reported problem with RC - one of your updates fixed it.

The only problem I'm aware of with DWC mode was that, originally, because the weather in Global mode is the same the world over, any ATIS reports for destinations give you the wrong weather, the same as at your aircraft. This was fixed long ago, for ActiveSky ASE originally, by having ActiveSky provide an interface via FSX's SimConnect to let FSUIPC read the weather direct for any location. Thus, when RC asks FSUIPC for weather at a location, FSUIPC asks ActiveSky instead of FSX.

This affects weather reports, and possibly the initial runway assignment and vectors when you get within 40 nm of the destination. There's also a facility in ASE and AS2012 to fix the weather withing a radius of the destination, provided you feed your Plan to AS first. I'm not sure what the radius is, maybe 50 or 60 nm, definitely more that the RC approach control area.

These developments certainly helped getting weather reports correct and runway selection more reliable, but I don't think either have any bearing on performance. Furthermore both should work equally well with Prepar3D.

I think the performance problems which affect external applications such as RC on approaches are down to delays whilst complex airports are drawn, and, more importantly, whilst AI traffic is handled or even generated for that airport. See if you still get the delay problems at simpler airports or with AI traffic reduced considerably.

I'd really recommend running RC on a separate computer if you have an old one lying around. It not only performs better, but it provides a separate sound source so they don't mingle with the FS sounds. I use a headset for RC on a client PC.



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