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FSUIPC IFly Your Key is IlIegal

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Hi Pete: I just bought FSUIPC key and installed, but now my Ifly an PMDG aren't working, on Ifly B737 I see a message on de Nav Display with this

"You need to install FSUIPC 3.72 or Higher!!!


Your FSUIPC Key is Illegal!!!

Either your key really is illegal, or the date on your PC is set to one BEFORE your purchase, making it look illegal.

I can't check it here in any case as you don't give the order number and date. And I need the FSUIPC version number -- if it isn't at least 3.999 please update.

Don't post any other details.



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I checked my computer's date and my clock battery is dead so it says its dec31 2006, but I moved the date to the present day and there's no change. My Ifly is still asking for FSUIPC 3.72 or higher, I have 3.75 version and telling my key is illegal.

my registration e-mail is thefermaister@gmail.com and my ORDER Number: 919864

Thanks for your help

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Hi Pete, I just installed my registered copy of FSUIPC 3.999w but in the IFLY cockpit the PFD and ND indication are that the version of FSUIPC is old or illegal. What I need to do? Andrea Nardi and registration Order 964079



EDIT: I noticed that if I use the older 3.82 version, without register it, the PFD ND panels work correctly, if I registister that version the problem appears again. Maybe it could be due to the registrazion code?

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