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Can we commission an interface?

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Hi Peter

I've obtained your name via MGL, and have a proposal for you. I'm CEO of e-Go aeroplanes, and we're developing a radically new light aircraft. (www.e-Go.me) One feature is that every aircraft will be it's own simulator - a major benefit in transition training. We've used x-plane extensively in developing the aircraft, so we have a good aerodynamic model. We therefore need to develop an interface between x-plane and the MGL system so that we can drive the iEFIS from x-plane.

Would you be willing to develop this interface for us?

Do email me directly, when I'd be delighted to tell you more and discuss terms.

Best wishes, Tony

Tony Bishop

e-Go aeroplanes

e-Go Centre, Main Hall Farm

Conington, Cambridge

CB23 4LR


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I've obtained your name via MGL

MGL? don't know that acronym I'm afraid.

Would you be willing to develop this interface for us?

Sorry, no. I certainly don't wish to get involved with X-Plane at al, and in any case these days I'm really trying to get less work, not more!

You might want to talk to the author of the X-Plane equivalent to FSUIPC (XPUIPC), http://www.tosi-onli...PUIPC/Home.html.



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