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I want to simulate multiplayer condition in my desktop for FS2004. I want to emulate traffic server via my own program and want to control the aircrafts (speed, position...)

Is there any way I could inject traffic data via tcp/udp socket? Is there a format/data structure for multiplayer traffic and where I could find this information?

As Pete said in other occasions, FSUIPC is not intended to create multiplayer conditions.



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Hi Arya,

I have a piece of software that can do exactly this. I set it up many many years ago as "FSVPI", which stands for FS Virtual Pilot Interface but have long since taken it down and moved on. I've written many little apps as samples in order to try and win a contract with publishers and so on, but nobody ever signed on the dotted line!

I'm quite happy to share this code now with the community. I must point out that in order to use it you need to be a proficient programmer. I have versions for Borland C++, Visual C++ and VB, although as I'm a Borland C++ user I would prefer if people used that one. :smile:

What the software does is generate packets as if the software was a user in a multiplayer session. One piece of software can simulate multiple aircraft/users. What I've done (which took me a year!) is to figure out all the necessary calculations such that your application software can simply say "set this aircraft to fly at heading 123 degrees, 500 knots at altitude 10000ft". My software then fills in all the gaps and figures out for each packet that is sent exactly how far the aircraft will have moved and what it's new location is. When this is connected to your FS session, the aircraft appears and you can fly alongside it and it is totally smooth.

I have a whole range of software functions to perform different activities. Unfortunately this has to be built from the ground up, so literally I have functions for performing turns, climbing and descending, landing and taking off and so on. The software is able to correctly manipulate all animations that are visible via the multiplayer interface, and it looks pretty good!

This can also be used to provide ground vehicles that interact with any other aircraft in the session. These require different application software to control them, but basically they operate in the same way. If you have an aircraft "model" that actually appears as a fuel truck, then your software can control that fuel truck.

Although this is all a bit tricky and requires programming knowledge, the beauty is that it is all real time so the aircraft / ground traffic that it controls can react to the position of other aircraft within the multiplayer session. There are no predefined "routes".

Let me know if you're interested (or anyone else for that matter) and I'll arrange to get it ready for you to download.

Best Regards


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