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FSUIPC MODULES MENU access for Applications:

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Does the "MODULES MENU access for Applications: " work in FS2004? Can't seem to get it to work, but I will dig deeper if you say it should...

Well, it should do, as there's no difference in that (nor in fact in the way FSUIPC and ADvDisplay, and PFC.DLL, add their own menu entries). I must admit to not having explicitly re-tested it, however -- I've had too much else to do I'm afraid. I do have a test program here someplace, so if I can find it I'll see if I can check it.

Are you using code which worked on FS2002 but now not on FS2004, or is this new for FS2004?


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I found my test and tried it ands it does still work fine in FS2004.

In case it helps, I attach the little test program (UIPCHelloByMenu). When it is run, it starts but adding UIPCHello to the Modules menu, then just waits for you to select it. then it removes the menu entry and does its normal UIPCHello message box. It only waits 60 seconds then does it in any case.

If will say it doesn't know the FS version -- that's because it was made long ago, before FS2004 was allocated #7 in FSUIPC.

You can work out what's it's doing by using the FSUIPC IPC logging, but there's an extract from the UIPCHelloByMenu code in the Zip too.

Hope this helps!



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