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Anywhere else I can purchase?


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I had a bad experience with SimMarket last year. I made several purchases there and the next thing I knew someone went on a spending spree in Great Britain and spent over $800 before my bank shut the card off. I happened to be in New Orleans at the time this happened and it almost left me stranded there for a few days. Anyway when I got home I emailed them to ask if they had had any security breaches and the next thing I knew they wouldn't answer any emails and closed my account. I opened a couple of tickets with them and they never got replied too. More than likely it had nothing to do with them at all but their actions sure indicated to me something was not right. So anyway, I'm clearly done dealing with them whether I want too or not.

I'd like to purchase but won't be able too unless there is another avenue I can use.



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And the hilarity ensues. I'm starting to think there is a conspriacy against me at simmarket lol. I setup up a new account with a new email at simmarket. Bought the software (Through paypal). I got the emails saying paypal has drawn my funds and sent them to simmarket and a receipt from simmarket. However, my paypal account has my normal email account that simmarket I guess has blocked (though not blocked to the point that they stop sending me emails when something I purchased from them has an update). So I can't get my registration info because it now shows as being "suspicious" since the the email address I used to register at simmarket doesn't match the email address that is used with paypal and that simmarket has blocked. Whew. Anyway I hope they get it straighted out as after using your product for free since the FS95 days it deserves a registration at this point.

The sad part of all of this is that when I was in New Orleans and all this happened, the reason I was so upset was because the bank had froze my debit card and at the same time my niece was killed in a car accident and I was trying desperately to get to my brother in Florida. Kinda hard to do when your debit card is frozen and I probably vented on them being that the purchases I made in Germany and the theft and use of my info in Great Britain seemed to point in simmarkets direction. Then their handling of the situation and refusal to even answer my queries by taking the easy way out and just closing my account compounded the frustration. Anyway, enough with the sad story.


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I sent in a ticket yesterday to simmarket telling them I had purchased your software and that I hadn't received my registration info yet. I attempted to log on this morning to find that not only did they not reply to my ticket but they closed the new account I used to purchase the software. So now they have my $$ and I have no way to get my registration.

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Contact your credit card company and get a refund

I called them today. Actually I only use a debit card as I'm a believer in "don't buy it if you can't pay for it now". Yeah, I'm old lol.

I contacted paypal too. I actually would rather receive the registration info and be on my merry way. I have no idea how these guys have stayed in business operating like they do. I've bought a lot of stuff from in the past with no problems.$234+ in 6 months. Business must be good in Germany if they can sneeze at that.

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Received this from PayPal today. So I guess that's the end of that.

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your


We were able to recover 24.00 EUR and this amount has been credited to you.

Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

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