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FSUIPC options only show About and Loggin

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I am attempting to get the FSUIPC add-on to work with a friends FSX. It installs ok with no errors but once in FSX, when click on the add-on it only shows the About and Logging tab. We have not registered yet because we want to make sure it will work before we spend the money to get a key.

We are attempting to use the GPSout so we can view gps on a external device, but it is not showing the AutoSave/GPSout tab. Please let us know if the reason we can only see the About and Loggin tab is because the add-on is not registered or not, or if there is an error somewhere. Thanks...

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Thank you for your reply. I thought that may have been the reason, just that everything I found (diagrams and youtube vids) showed the other tabs even though they did not register. I will get key and try again. I did read that if not registered, it will not have full function. If notes actually stated what is and isn't functional when not registered this wouldn't of been a issue. Thanks

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The unregistered version if mainly for third party developers to allow them to interface with FS and this is a free service. The are a few major fixes included in the free version too but they just work and need no setting up. The is one other recent addition that was added in the last month or so and that was an optional tweak to the way ground friction works, that is detailed in the documentation that comes with all versions of FSUIPC, registered or not. Reading those documents will provide you with all the info you need to make a purchasing decision.

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