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Problems with fsuipc version "4859r"

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After installing above mentioned version "r" my FSX fails each time when changing the aircraft. (automatic shut down and FSX reboot)

After putting in version "q" FSX runs normal as before.(I have a registered FSUIPC version)

The only difference between q and r is that the new added control for switching on the console log window now returns focus to the FS window instead of leaving it with the FS window. Nothing else whatever was changed, so you must have something else going on there, some sort of corruption in FSX which only affects an area of memory changed by the slight difference in FSUIPC size.

If you cannot identify the problem, I'll need more information in order to be able to help -- the Windows event log data for a start, and the FSUIPC log and ini files.

For the windows event log data, please do this:

START button, enter 'event log' and press Enter.

The Event viewer will appear. Select 'Windows Logs' -- 'Application'.

Scroll down the list to find the ! Error entry with Source = FSX.

Select it, then in the pane below, select Details/Friendly View, right click in it, select 'Select All' and 'Copy'. Paste the results into a message here.



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General informations:

Win 7 64 bit (German)

FSX+Acc (German)

FSUIPC version r

The problem does not appear when using your FSUIPC version q.

I start FSX with my standard situation and an MS standard aircraft.

When changing to another plane FSX shuts down and starts a reboot.

Results of my "eventvwr" are attached.

FSUIPC ini and log file are attached.

Application Error.txt



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Thank you for the data. I will use it to see what is going on with your system (and it is only your system -- 'r' is working fine, and as I said, is almost exactly identical to 'q').

Okay. found and fixed. Odd, it was not a very recent error. Just a small change, in a completely different place, must have moved things in memory just enough to show this uninitialised variable problem up. It was to do with the "DynamicFriction" lua plug-in you are using.

Please replace 4.859r with 4.859s, now available.

Thanks & Regards


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