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PFC Serial Hardware and the PMDG NGX


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Per your request................

Thanks for your patience and assistance (as usual). After ALL of this- my solution for the SERIAL PFC HARDWARE & THE PMDG NGX (using PFCFSX.dll v4.40 & FSUIPC v 4.859s) is the following-

I put this here in the hopes of saving some other poor soul from the frustration encountered-


USE PFCFSX.dll for throttles and reversers- calibrate those axis in PFCFSX.dll ONLY


Best- C

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After spending some more time with this setup I discovered a couple of more points-

It seems best to calibrate and use all axis with PFCFSX.dll, except for the Flap and Spoiler levers which do not get recognized by the NGX (serial PFC). MAKE SURE you have a large null zone at each end of the throttle axis(s) (accomplished by sticking a pen or something similar in the slot at top and bottom).

Use FSUIPC for ALL button presses and other functions.

When using AT- push throttles FULL forward at TOGA. At N1 move them to idle. Then on final approach, after pressing SPD or actioning the AT Disco switch, push them forward to match the commanded N1. Then use manual thrust-lever positioning as needed.

In addition to all of the above, it is further necessary to map the axis for each reverser but SEND IT TO FS WITHOUT manipulation- AS FS AXIS. Then, select an FS command for the first bit of movement sending a Throttle n Cut FS command with segment 1 and after moving it slightly again, send a Throttle n Cut command with segment 2. Not to be held w/ section 1, and to be held with section 2. Talking it through... at fully closed the REVERSER lever(s) send a Throttle n Cut command ONCE. As you pull back it sends ANOTHER Throttle n Cut command but this one HOLDS through the pull. Then as you exit the zone the reversers start to deploy.

The ONLY axis CALIBRATED in FSUIPC are the Spoilers and Flaps.

Hope this helps someone else avoid a little frustration.

Best- C

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