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Missing Visibility tab

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I purchased FSUIPC mainly for the Visibility tab because I read about it making good Haze layers.

Really? FSUIPC4 or FSUIPC3? Which version of FS?

The visibility tab is omitted by default in FSUIPC4 (on FSX and P3D) because the facilities it offerred never worked correctly in FSX. There are problems in Simconnect which I never ovecame. Programs like Active Sky have managed to solve the problems quite well by using all sorts of tricks, but FSUIPC is not and never was intended to be a weather generating program.

If you are talking about FSUIPC4, then you CAN enable the visibility tab and try things out, but please told come to me with problems. It is enabled by a parameter in the INI file. Check the documentation, it is all explained in there.



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Ohh, stupid me for not checking it better. I checked the guide and when I saw the Visibility tab in the guide I rushed over here, its FSUIPC4 with FSX.

But I just got FSX with WideFS and my Moving map software SkyDemon to start talking to each other, just that part was worth the investment, it was pretty easy! :)

Thanks alot for very quick response.


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