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Steering problems

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Suddenly the steering tiller is gone crazy.

I use Saitek yoke, 2 Saitek throttle quadrant and Satek rudder pedals. I've assigned "Steering Inc" and "Steering Dec" to two different buttons, with the "repeat while held" flag checked and "Steering set" command when the buttons are released.

The problem is when I start steering, the tiller does not return centered, but stays turned. So it's impossibile to taxiing and taking off.

The same happens using Saitek rudder pedals: the steering whell stays turned, does not return centered.

This happens (but I don't know if it's important) after the installation of the new Majestic Das8 Q400 and tha version 4.90 of FsUipc. I've uninstalled the Majestich Dash8 and FsUipc, then I've tried to install an older versione of FsUipc, but the problem remains, so I've instaleld again FsUipc 4.90 (but not the Dash8).

I've controlled if there assignments in FsX menu to any axis, but is all "blank", without assignments.

I dont't konow what to do, excpet uninstall FsX and reinstall it (I hope is not necessary).

Thank you



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