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FSUIPC 3.99 Offsets the Same as for FSUIPC 4?

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Hello All,


I getting my VRinsight TT Switch toggle the next days. (Yeah) I want to have the switches syncronized with my FS9. (Yes I know its old, even the internet is forgetting about it in some cases, but I have to spend to much money for all the Scenery, Tools and Planes which I have in FS9)


So I started to search a little bit here and there, and  found that I have to assign the offsets and parameter to all the switches, because the internals of the FS just give me sometimes the possibility to "toggle". I thought that wouldn't be the big problem. and I started to search for the list of all offsets (there should be some), and found in the SDK the list for FSX.


Can I use the offsets and parameters for FS9 too?


Thank you 


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there are couple Offsets special for FSX only and also couple FS9 Offsets they don't work in FSX, but those are clearly highlighted and described.

You will find under ->Download Links -> Documention the link for FSUIPC3.999 (Documention Only). The PDF 'Documention for Programmer' is for FSUIPC3, it should be the same you will find after full installation in FS9 Moduls/FSUIPC Documents folder. Also with any update you get a PDF file that contains all changes since last document update

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