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Throttle Quadrant Problems Calibration

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Mr Dowson. I have a cockpit at home and bought SAITEK products. One of the products is the Throttle Quadrant. I bought two, so I have to use 6 thrust levers. The problem is not that I'm able to calibrate the thrust levers. When I set the Axis Assignment levers show the range -16384 to 0 and then jump unexpectedly to 16383. This happens with four thrust levers, two of the a Throttle Quadrant and two with each other. Thus thrust levers do not work propely.


If you prefer, I made two short videos (19s) to demonstrate what is happening. The links are:


I appreciate your help and patience.



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No you wont have to reinstall FSX nor Windows 7. Try deleting the FSUIPC4.ini file in the modules folder after backing it up to a safe location then try making your assignments again. If the problem goes away you will know it was due to something like dual assignments or bad calibration in the previous fsuipc settings file.


If it still won't work correctly after doing that then it's likely that you have dirty or worn out old potentiometers. There are tutorial videos on YouTube explaining how to repair/clean them.

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Performed some actions that are reported in the saitek forum, but have not yet succeeded. Still having trouble calibrating the throttle quad. Will I have to reinstall FSX? Will I have to reinstall Win7? Did not find a solution to this problem?

Have you ever solved this problem? I have the same problem and cannot find a fix. An axis value is a signed integer representing the position of the joystick along that axis, value ranging from -16xxx to 16xxx. The value range of the second quadrant 2 left levers is -16xxx to 0, 16xxx, where zero (typically represents 50% of travel) physically ends up at the top of the lever travel just 2-3mm short of stop. When the very top is reached the value suddenly jumps to 16xxx.

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