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Hi everybody


a stupid question :

shall i have the possibility to restart ipcready.lua script (launched by fsuipc at P3D start) without restarting P3D ?


why :

i add the pokey56U.lua script in ipcready.lua (as described in Terry Hall doc) and i make change for testing in pokey script ,

i lost time because, to take effect of the change, i have to close & restart p3D after each change


thanks for helping a stupid Linda Lua beginner






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You could assign a spare button/switch temporarily to kill the Lua script when pressed and to

start the Lua script when released. I use this procedure all the time when I am creating

and testing Lua scripts.


If you look down the list of assignable commands in the Buttons + Switches drop-down menu

you will see several options listed for each Lua script that is loaded. The kail snd start (or maybe run)

are listed there.



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hi Paul


if i understand well when i look at list box button , it show only the lua script starting with "lib-" located (as i see) in folder Modules\linda\libs

so i have to move my script in this folder and rename it starting "lib-" as "lib-pokey56u01.lua"


for the moment no impact about my initial error which was that it did not find the Luacom.dll in the function Require

but your help is interesting , with "lib-" root name attachable to a button, i could re-run pokey script every time i need


Thanks Paul for this precious help about testing

have a good end of weekend

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