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FORUM RULES - please read first


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Dear Folks,

We kindly ask you to please follow some basic, common sense guidelines when you post on this forum.

About flaming, language and any inproper attitude: we have zero tolerance for such on this forum and violators will be banned for 12 hours first time 24 hours the next time and forever at the third time. This forum is a courtesy to allow you (the customer) to communicate with each other and if we the developers feel necessary step into the communication. We will try to maintain a reasonable communication with you but by all means please don't expect us answering every post.

Comparing our product to other and generally discussing other products on this forum is not allowed.


This sub-forum is for discussion feelThere products not included in the AIRPLANES and ATC sub-forums.  Non-supported discussion of Wilco products developed by feelThere is also allowed.  For formal support of Wilco products you must contact Wilco.


in the subject line of your post you MUST INCLUDE THE PRODUCT NAME.  Example -


Airbus 320: how do i start the engines?



Posts not outlining the product may be left unanswered, locked, or deleted.


If you report possible bugs please make sure to follow this checklist:

a ) outline the FS version(s), OS and bit versions, and aircraft (Airbus and/or CX and/or ejet 170 and/or 190, and/or etc.) in your post. feelThere is supporting not one, not two, but multiple aircraft across two FS versions and seven OS versions. in order to trace/track issues we must know the above items, at minimum, to look into any concerns.

b ) explain the situation and how one can duplicate the concern.
for issues with the FMC this includes details about: route (airport SID routing STAR aiport), cruise altitude, aircraft dry weight (passenger and cargo load), and any non-default FMC settings programmed into the PERFORMANCE pages.

c ) if necessary attach some screenshots


General expectations:


* generic reports of dislike or suggestion about marketing will be deleted without further warning and the user will be banned 12 hours first, 24 hours next and forever on the 3rd occasion.


* the use of ALL CAPS in posts and subjects is reserved for the developer(s), and moderator(s) for announcements.

* we encourage you to sign your real name as feelThere's has an expectation of civility in communications (we are not 'handles'; but persons).

* no profanity will be permitted on the forum.

* your post will be read. not all posts will result in an immediate response. when more information is needed a member of the feelThere team will make a request. there will be circumstances when you will be directed to report the issue through wilco's support form. please trust that when a solution(s) is available the information will be posted.

* please use the forum's search engine before posting a question.

* posts that violate any of the forum rules may be locked/deleted or edited for content.

Thank you

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