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  1. Seems you have a local install issue, hardware problem or another add-on conflicting - https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575806-horrible-control-lock-seems-by-ap-toga-experience/?tab=comments#comment-4243199
  2. Which location are you seeing this? Panel display? external view? Other?
  3. The Map! gauge is locked to the Ejet and cannot be installed into other aircraft.
  4. Did the panel work for you w/P3D 4.5 & 5.0?
  5. The panel textures were upgraded for SP1. This has caused issue for some. Search this subforum for suggesting on reducing their resolution.
  6. You need to go through all the config utility assignments and remove conflicting command shortcuts.
  7. For a gaming laptop you want a real video card not an integrated or one using shared memory.
  8. Well based in the power of a Google search the feeder fleet will be running under one of these contract carrier's callsigns - List of contract carriers: ASL Airlines Ireland (Largest contractor, European partner) Baron Aviation Services Cargojet Airways Carson Air (regional routes in Western Canada) Corporate Air CSA Air Empire Airlines Merlin Airways Morningstar Air Express – Also operates mainline FedEx service within Canada Mountain Air Cargo Solinair Swiftair West Air Inc. Wiggins Airways - source: Google is your friend
  9. Did you download the latest version of RealTraffic? Assuming you purchased RealColor for PHNL?
  10. Contact BMTmicro with your purchase details to reset your download link: cservice@bmtmicro.com or 800-414-4268 (USA/ Canada) / +1 910- 792-9100 (international customers)
  11. the links have been locked (happens if hackers found them and excessive downloading resulted) contact BMTmicro with purchase details - cservice@bmtmicro.com or 800-414-4268 (USA/ Canada) / +1 910- 792-9100 (international customers)
  12. A380s being dropped as fast as the B747s. In a short while only fictional schedules will have these behemoths of the sky ... https://www.flightglobal.com/fleets/air-france-terminates-a380-fleet-with-immediate-effect/138463.article
  13. Please provide details on what is ''no work'.
  14. Did you run the installer as administrator when installing the aircraft?
  15. As @Ecosse821 wrote - The restate what has been written before - The MCDU will ONLY read the flightplan if it is in the feelThere format. You need to confirm with the flightplanner developer that they provide an feelThere compliant output file option.
  16. You need to figure out from the flightplanner utility developer if they support exporting a data file in feelThere's format and then follow @Ecosse821 suggestion. If PFPX doesn't support feelThere's file format you need to use a different utility (as stated by @Ecosss821) or ask PFPX to begin feelThere product support.
  17. So you found a solution from the flightplanner utility developer?
  18. So ... Using my and Matty's suggestions the issue is resolved? You comment is unclear.
  19. Will. You didn't answer my question to you. I/feelThere do not have the software you are using so we are unable to answer the question of compatibility. Feelthere uses a proprietary data file for saved flight plans. Unless the software outputs in the correct data format the feelThere MCDU will not read the file.
  20. I would move this thread if the forum software allowed it ...
  21. Does this planning software create an output that follows feelThere's flightplan file parameters?
  22. review this - use the EMB payload manger to change loads, not weight/COG adjustments through P3D's default menu.
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