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Installing Tower and TRACON 101


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Dear Customers,

We collected some information based on yor feedback and we wish to give you this checklist to make sure you can enjoy Tower! 2011 as soon as possible. Please follow these steps:

  • make sure to install the game as admin
  • install openAL from the installer
  • go to your Speech menu (under control panel) and set it to English US
  • if you have a non English Windows and can't install a language pack please refer to this post: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76183-hint-for-non-english-os-versions/ **this step is unsupported by feelThere ***
  • train the Speech profile about 3 times to make sure your computer understands you (takes about 5-20 minutes and you can do this even before you buy the software)
  • launch the game as admin.

If it fails:

  • After installing everything as it says in the manual and training your PC for speech recognition...
  • open up Speech Recognition in Control Panel...
  • UNCHECK "enable voice activation"
  • Now go to the Text to speech tab - then click on the ADVANCED button.
  • I selected "use preferred audio output device" for text to speech output.
  • Make sure you have a name in Voice Selection - mine says Microsoft Anna - English (United States)
  • Then most important... REBOOT your computer!
  • After rebooting, go back into Speech Recognition and click on "Start Speech Recognition."
  • Then, start the game and it should work.

If it still fails:

  • try a speech install like this: http://www.mediafire.com/?9r23an43gq3fng3 if your win install is not contains the speech engine, it will helps, if you have a microsoft speech problem **this step is unsupported by feelthere***

If you still can't launch the program please post a screenshot of your Speech window and attach your Tower.log

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